Think First

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Faith Activity

Arrange to play a game with the family that requires thinking such as Jenga, or Operation. Set up the game for play and let it go several rounds. Then, on your turn, make a bad choice that you know will end in the tower falling or the game being over. Base your choice, not on proper strategy but on a flimsy reason such as color, it’s third from the bottom, etc. State the reason for your choice as you make your selection. You can also just choose quickly without thinking at all. You may want to play several short rounds ending them early with your bad choice each time.

To process the activity, ask these or similar questions:
  • Were you looking forward to a good game of Jenga?
  • Did my bad choices affect the fun of the game for everyone?
  • Why were my choices bad?
  • (Assuming that someone tried to stop you.) Why did someone try to stop me? Why didn’t I listen?
  • How would self-control or discipline have helped me in this game?
  • How does discipline help us to avoid the temptation of sin?
  • Does the devil tempt us with things we like or things we don’t like?
  • How much discipline do you have to have to reject things you might like?
  • Is it important to listen to caring family members when they try to stop you from doing something you shouldn’t?
  • Will you think of the Jenga game next time you are tempted to do something wrong?