The Gift

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Faith Activity

Gather the family and show them a beautifully wrapped package with a large bow on top. Pick one of the children to give it to and ask them to come forward and open it. When the child stands up, suddenly pretend that you shouldn’t give the gift. Be fearful and say things like “What if you hate it? What if you think it is stupid? Or think I’m stupid? What if you won’t like me anymore?” Decide that you can’t take that risk and put the gift away in a closet. 

After you put the gift way, process the activity with these or similar questions:
  • What did you think of me being afraid to give a gift?
  • Does being afraid make sense?

Remind them that we have the gift of Jesus’ love and he wants us to share that gift with others.  We must be courageous and give away the gift of Jesus’ love and share it with our friends. Even though we want to be bold and tell them about Jesus, we still need to do so in a gentle and respectful way. We can use the way we treat others fairly to draw others to God. Now retrieve the gift and let the child you chose earlier to open it.  Have something inside that whole family can enjoy.


  • Will you remember this gift the next time you need Courage to speak of God’s love?