Respect in Church

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Faith Activity

Start a discussion with the family about rude behavior. Explain that you are not calling out specific incidents involving specific people but rather a list of rude behaviors. After you feel your list is complete or complete enough, ask if these behaviors are rude everywhere? (Don’t expect them to know this answer.) The answer is it depends. Visit the site below and choose a few rude behaviors in other countries that we don’t believe to be rude. Explain how important it is to be sensitive to what another perceives as respect and rudeness. Take the discussion one step further and discuss rude behavior related to faith and church. Call for examples. People who are unchurched may not see these things as rude. The first one on this list should be taking God’s name in vain. Respect at church services means being both quiet and responsive when it is appropriate. What about how we dress for church? Being on time for church? Taking care of the property at church? What about being respectful of how others worship in other faiths?