Prodigal Snacking

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Faith Activity

Pick a treat that all family members enjoy and prepare two small bowls for each person. Read Luke 15:11-13. Make sure everyone knows what an inheritance is. Have each family member eat the snack in one of their bowls. Liken it to the son who spends his inheritance. While eating, discuss what you would do if you had a windfall of money. What kinds of things would they do or buy? Would they spend it on themselves? Share with family? Talk about the difference between being smart with the money and blowing it all on toys. When the discussion and snack is over, continue reading Luke 15:14-16. Point to the empty bowls and emphasize that his money was gone so he could not buy food. Continue reading Luke 15:17-25. Ask why the other brother was angry. Point to the second bowl of snacks that is still there. Explain he still has plenty of food in his father’s house. He still has his inheritance. His brother’s return does not affect that. Now read Luke 15:26-32. Explain how God will always forgive us and rejoices when we say we are sorry. Now eat the second bowl as a celebration for God always forgiving us.