by | Sep 25, 2023 | Faith Activity

You will need to set up a simple obstacle/slalom course using things around the home or yard. You can choose to do this inside or outside. You will also need a large coat or button-down shirt from a parent. It needs to be large enough that two children can each put an arm into the coat and at least hold it around the two of them if it can’t be closed. They are now Bonded. Explain that the coat is binding them together physically, but that loyalty binds our hearts together. Let the two children bound by the coat work together to walk through the course. Keep it simple to keep it safe. Let all of the children have a turn in the coat. If there aren’t many children, arrange that all can be paired with all siblings.

After you finish the activity, process it with these or similar questions:
  • Was it fun to wear the coat together?
  • Did you feel connected to your sibling?
  • Can you see how Loyalty is connecting our hearts?
  • Can you see how Loyalty connects our hearts to God?
  • God wants to be connected to all of his children. Do you believe that He will always be Loyal to you? (He will!)
  • When you hear the word Loyalty, will you remember wearing the coat and know that Loyalty begins in your heart?