Be The Rock!

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Faith Activity

You will need a rock that is smaller than your fist and similarly sized cup of sand. Pass around the rock and let each person say a word to describe the rock. Next pass around the sand. They are to describe the sand as well. Which one would you rather use as a foundation for a house? Read Matthew 7:24-27. Each of us are not building houses but we are building lives.

After you finish the demonstration, process the activity with these or similar questions:
  • What kinds of things should you do to build your life on the rock (God)?
  • What kinds of things ‘shake the foundation’? How can you avoid these things?
  • If your foundation is rock, is it easy to shake?
  • If you build your life/house on sand and later decide to build it on rock, can you change? Will God help you?