Be The Rock!

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Faith Activity | 0 comments

You will need a rock that is smaller than your fist and similarly sized cup of sand. Pass around the rock and let each person say a word to describe the rock. Next pass around the sand. They are to describe the sand as well. Which one would you rather use as a foundation for a house? Read Matthew 7:24-27. Each of us are not building houses but we are building lives.

After you finish the demonstration, process the activity with these or similar questions:
  • What kinds of things should you do to build your life on the rock (God)?
  • What kinds of things ‘shake the foundation’? How can you avoid these things?
  • If your foundation is rock, is it easy to shake?
  • If you build your life/house on sand and later decide to build it on rock, can you change? Will God help you?

How did this activity go when you used it with your group? Did you make any modifications that worked better for you? Share your experience below!