Enthusiasm In Faith

vs. apathy

Expressing interest and excitement in what I do

To practice Enthusiasm, I will: 

  • put my whole heart into what I do
  • smile to inspire others
  • be an eager giver
  • treat every job as important
  • not be discouraged by failure
“Passion in your Soul”

According to Wiktionary.org the etymology of the word Enthusiasm includes a Greek source meaning “possessed by god’s”. In fact, a historical definition of the word is “possession by a god; divine inspiration or frenzy.” As Christians, we believe that the Holy Spirit is resident in our hearts, lighting it on fire with the passion of Christ. Enthusiasm is much more than excitement. Excitement is a result of something that happens around us. Enthusiasm is a result of something that has happened inside of us. It springs from the passion in our souls and connects us to our mission. We are, after all, a resurrection people with the promise of Eternal Life. If that doesn’t get you enthusiastic, then nothing else that the church teaches will.

This month, get in touch with God’s fireworks in your heart and soul and share your enthusiasm with those around you.

The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in a Christian Faith Based setting
to encourage the Character Quality of Enthusiasm.
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