Courage In Faith

vs. conformity

Overcoming fear by saying and doing what is right

To practice Courage I will:

  • know the truth
  • get help when I am afraid
  • support others when they are right
  • be willing to stand alone
  • help those who are bullied or abused
“Courageous Faith”

What does Courageous Faith look like to you?  The first images that come to mind are prominent evangelists and missionaries who die for their faith. Not all of us are called to be that.  Courageous Faith is also going to church every Sunday when your friends or family members are skipping.  It’s being the one to speak up for someone being maligned with gossip.  It’s acting joyful in the face of difficulty because you know God will provide.  Courageous Faith is Forgiving, Compassionate, Humble, Patient, and Just.  It is sharing the love and mercy that God has so generously shared with us.

How will Courage bolster your Faith today?