Courage In Faith

vs. conformity

Overcoming fear by saying and doing what is right

To practice Courage I will:

  • know the truth
  • get help when I am afraid
  • support others when they are right
  • be willing to stand alone
  • help those who are bullied or abused

“Faith in Action”

-Jill W Tomey

Courage is the quality that puts our faith into action. Without action, we could get to the end of our life and wonder why we lived. What is the purpose in living if not to build the kingdom? Paul tells us in Philippians to live a life worthy of the gospel. The only way to do this is let the gospel message permeate our thoughts, our speech, and our behavior.
To be courageous, we must first trust in the Lord and understand that our boldness is because of his grace and not our own merit. We need to have confidence that what we are doing is the right thing to do.

This month trust in God and have the confidence to courageously live your faith.