Compassion In Faith

vs. indifference

Helping those who are hurting

To practice Compassion I will:

  • notice when others are hurting
  • be kind regardless of differences
  • listen when others want to talk
  • stop to help
  • treat myself kindly without indulging

    “Turn Compassion into an Action Verb”

    Compassion is about loving actions to help another person in pain. Acting compassionately requires that we see the person we are helping as a person and not just a problem that needs fixing. Advent is the perfect time to be studying Compassion as it is a time of self-reflection and a reminder to turn away from sin and self-centeredness. It’s the perfect time to replace consumption with Compassion. Filled with this compassion, we are commissioned by our Baptism to act compassionately towards others. These acts are not just random and when convenient. We are called to make it a plan, a way of life, a commitment, a second job. This calling is so strong that we should actually feel pulled to seek out those that need our help. This month turn the noun Compassion into an action verb.

    Archived Bulletins on Compassion: