Alertness In Faith

vs. carelessness

Being aware of what is taking place around me so I can respond appropriately

To practice Alertness I will:

  • tell others of danger
  • keep my eyes and ears open
  • recognize and heed warning signals
  • stay away from unsafe places
  • choose to do right before I’m tempted

“The Slippery Slopes”

-Jill W Tomey

Sometimes when we find ourselves in a mess we can’t believe that it has happened to us. If we take a few moments and look back over how we got here, sometimes we can see clues now that we missed at the time. Often it is that ‘slippery slope’ that gets us. The first misstep does not look so bad until you see it as the first step onto that ‘slippery slope’ that landed us in a mess! Sin is the same way. Little sins can lead to bigger sins. If we are alert to what our thoughts and actions could trigger, we can prevent making bad choices we will regret later.
Being alert to avoid bad things is only half of what God asks of us. Being alert to the good things that we need to do is just as important. We need to be alert so that we don’t miss opportunities to share the Good News of Christ with others, or to show love to those around us. There is a slippery slope for doing good things, too. This one slopes upwards. The more we try to walk that path, the easier the upward slope becomes.

This month, be watchful and alert to avoid sin and do what is right.

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