Character in Your Faith

The foundation of character is based upon the belief in that which we cannot see and the knowledge that we are all connected. What a person says or does impacts another in both seen and unseen ways.

Character transcends culture, language groups, age, social status, religion, gender, and nationality, because it deals with the daily struggles of human nature. We yield to a higher power, and seek community with others who share our beliefs and support our journeys toward improved spirituality.

Shared spirituality, shared application of strong character qualities and striving for self-excellence is what the Faith Community of Character is about. The Character Council provides you with differing levels of commitment that you can choose to adopt depending upon the structure and goals of your faith community.

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Free Monthly Resources

Each month, the Character Council promotes one of 36 character qualities from Character First! See the list for free Faith resources, including Bible studies, children and family resources, testimonies, sermons, bulletin inserts, devotionals, worksheets, and meditations.

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Good Character and the Christian Faith

All of the benefits of a focus on character apply to every human being, regardless of their religious orientation.

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“God’s ultimate goal for your life on earth… is character development.” – Rick Warren

“Success Through Integrity: Reflecting the Character of God” Training

Our “Success Through Integrity” seminar is available for any organization interested in helping their community gain greater awareness and strength of character. Through a series of engaging exercises, the seminar helps participants identify natural strengths and build lifestyles of integrity. Character Council speakers are also available to provide dynamic presentations for meetings and conferences.

“The epitome of workshops.” – Bishop Larry Dempsey, Hope For You Church

What Our Clients Are Saying

“In 2010, I began to notice God moving and stirring in my spirit about the different traits that are discussed through the Character Council. As time went on I became very aware of areas I had that God wanted to refine. It was so amazing how He allowed me to be in several different situations each month for a whole year that would draw my attention towards the trait of the month. I often found myself questioning, “How is this so in line with what God is doing in my life?” It took a couple of months for me to realize it wasn’t just a coincidence but it was an actual tool that God was using to train me to tap into areas that would have been left untouched. Every month it never failed — it was as if I was personally being trained to use that trait . Applying the character traits to my personal life and using them in my work has allowed me to experience spiritual growth and maturity that I don’t think would of taken place without the Character Council being made accessible to me.” – Nova Lower

A Tribute to John F. Pierce

The late John F. Pierce served on the first Character Council Board of Directors and chaired the Faith Committee until his passing. Among his legacies are the wonderful materials that he and his team of writers created and posted on this website. Here you will find detailed writings with a scriptural foundation for almost all of our 49 character qualities. Not only do local ministries use these materials but we hear from people in places such as Australia, Africa and Eastern Europe who tap into them. At the bottom of each page, you won’t find standard copyright language. Instead you’ll find in bold letters, Please Reproduce! We continue to be inspired by John’s creativity and generosity.