Sincerity In the Community

vs. hypocrisy

Doing what is right with transparent motives

To practice Sincerity I will:

  • take responsibility for my own actions
  • always mean what I say
  • respect others’ opinions
  • not take advantage of other people
  • be my truest self
​Transparent Sincerity

Sincerity protects our relationships. Sincerity requires that we are transparent about our motives. Because this leads to vulnerability, individuals and organizations avoid it these days. Hiding true motivation can end up backfiring and creating distrust. I’m sure you have felt betrayed when you discover insincerity in a relationship with a person or company. When we are insincere, we risk being the cause of someone else feeling betrayed. When we bring our authentic selves into a relationship, it can be more fulfilling and durable. Unfortunately, we need to call upon our Wisdom when choosing when to be this vulnerable.

Where do you feel you are your most authentic self?




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