Raising the Bar

by | Apr 25, 2021 | Family Activity | 0 comments

This activity will demonstrate that family members need to work together and look out for the family. You will need a yardstick or something similar. Have all the family members sit in a circle with the yardstick in the middle. You will also need a string cut for each family member. The length of the string is determined by how much is needed to tie around the yardstick and reach each family member. Instruct each family member to tie their string around the stick just above the mid-point. Once all the strings are tied, lay the stick in the middle of the circle. Everyone’s string should be in front of them. Ask the oldest child if he can raise the stick to a standing position by pulling on his string. Obviously, it cannot be done. Now ask another member to help. This works better, but it will still be wobbly. Now have the remaining family members pull on their strings. By all pulling together (even a family of three) you can raise the stick. What happens if one person is not pulling enough or too hard? When someone does not pull their weight or acts selfishly, it impacts the rest of the family. In a family, being available means being ready to help each other whether it is a household task or a personal one. Ask each family member to identify something they can do to benefit the family.

To process this activity, ask these or similar questions:
  • Was it fun to try this together?
  • Did you appreciate the help of the others?
  • Will you remember Raising the Bar when you are asked to pitch in?