Cookies Teach Patience

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Family Activity | 0 comments

Gather all the ingredients for your favorite homemade cookie. Ask the family what it would taste like if you ate the ingredients rather than following the recipe. Make the recipe as a family. Comment as you mix the dough what would happen if you rushed and missed an ingredient or measured improperly. Once you have the dough completed, they might be tempted to eat the cookie dough but remind them of possible gastric consequences of eating the dough with the raw eggs in it. Bake up some of the dough and enjoy the results of being patient. 

You can process the activity with these questions:
  • Was it fun to make the dough and watch the cookies bake?
  • Would it have been harder to wait if you could only watch?
  • Did you want to hurry to get to the cookies faster?
  • How do you think the cookies would have tasted if you rushed and missed an ingredient?
  • Did you have to wait for the cookies to cool down, so you didn’t burn your tongue?
  • Do you think next time you have to wait for something you can liken it to cookies and be patient?