Courage In the Community

vs. conformity

Overcoming fear to say and do what is right

To practice Courage, I will:

  • know the truth
  • get help when I am afraid
  • support others when they are right
  • be willing to stand alone
  • help those who are bullied or abused
    “Courage Strengthens all other Qualities”

    Name your top three Character strengths.  How does your Courage help you succeed in those areas?  Did you always have confidence in those Character qualities, or did you build it with your courage?  It could have been built in small steps or significant steps.  It could have been intentional or just part of growing up or maturing.  Recognizing how you have used courage in areas you have success in can make it more available for future endeavors.  You could use your Courage to strengthen a quality you want to use more.  You could also use Courage to apply your strongest qualities differently.

    What quality needs your Courage?


    The Links below will take you to Resources you can use with the family or within community organizations
    to teach the Character Quality of Courage.
    The following activities are related to dates this month and can relate to any character quality or good character in general.

    January Character All Month

    See NationalToday, AndTodayIs, or DaysOfTheYear for more information on these and other holidays to celebrate this month.   Day in Jan 2024 Holiday How to Commemorate with Character 1 Universal Hour of Peace The main idea of the #UniversalHourOfPeace is to start...

    New Year Activity

    It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings. Play Start Stop Continue. Each person picks a behavior they want to Start in the New Year, a behavior they want to Stop in the New Year and a behavior they want to Continue in the New Year. Focus on habits and routines that...

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