Cautiousness In the Community

vs. rashness

Taking time to ensure the right decision is made or action is taken

To practice Cautiousness I will:

  • think before I speak
  • follow safety guidelines
  • include others in decision making
  • think through possible outcomes
  • avoid unnecessary risk

    “Better Safe”

    When we talk about cautiousness, we normally think of pre-caution. You have probably heard the phrases, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and “Measure twice – cut once.” In actuality, the best cautions are precautions. We take swim lessons so that we do not drown in the water, wear helmets when we ride bikes to prevent head injuries should we fall off, and wear protective gear when working with dangerous things like blades or extreme heat. Being cautious is not the absence of risk and it is not being afraid. The practice of cautiousness simply requires thought before action. After all, we are better safe, than sorry!

    Where can you exercise more cautiousness this month?