Compassion In Business

vs. indifference

Helping those who are hurting

To practice Compassion I will:

  • notice when others are hurting
  • be kind regardless of differences
  • listen when others want to talk
  • stop to help
  • treat myself kindly without indulging

    “Compassion in the Workplace”

    Compassion allows people to show that they care and are willing to help. Practicing compassion can improve any environment, making it ideal for the workplace. Being a compassionate employee or supervisor has benefits for the individuals in a company and the company as a whole.

    The benefits of compassion in the workplace are seen in the positive communication within the company. According to a blog on Pacific Prime’s website, “companies that have managers and employees who exhibit these traits are more likely to succeed.” Some benefits of workplace compassion include employee retention, less stress, and more company commitment.

    There are many ways to be more compassionate at work. Start with yourself by forgiving past mistakes and recognizing your contributions. Communicate clearly and take time to listen in any conversation, especially listening for what isn’t said. Encourage others when they are down and look for opportunities to offer true and heartfelt compliments. Think of what those around you may need and look for ways to provide it.

    Compassion is a personal action that can have benefits for both the giver and the receiver. It is a gift from the heart that gives back to the heart when it is practiced.

    This month, how will you practice Compassion and have a positive impact on yourself and your environment?

    For more on Compassion in the workplace read the post on Pacific Prime’s blog. (The last paragraph does have a commercial.)

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