Availability In Business

vs. self-centeredness

Willingness to change my schedule and priorities to meet a need

To practice Availability I will:

  • put others ahead of myself
  • find a way to help, not a way to hide
  • be ready when I am called
  • be glad for the change to serve
  • check with the right people before making commitments

    “Servant Leaders”
    – Jill Tomey

    Most leaders we meet tend to fall into the self-serving category. Getting ahead in their career is a tunnel vision intention. Occasionally, we meet the refreshing servant leader who is concerned for those they lead to serving others’ success and the team’s success as a whole. These servant leaders understand the importance of Availability to their team, co-workers, and the organization. They are successful without being a doormat or a ‘yes’ man.

    There are a few skills within Availability that help create Servant Leaders. The first concept is Listening. Being Available requires that a leader always listens to what is being said and what is not being said. It is being totally Available, focused, and present in every conversation to not miss important details about the project or the team members. It follows up on what you have heard to verify your understanding, learn more, and plan how to react to it. This type of Listening goes way beyond hearing what is said.

    The evidence of empathy is also very prominent in a Servant Leader. Identifying with the struggles of employees and co-workers at the heart level helps support serving them. Empathy is a skill of compassion that highlights your Availability. It leads to valuing the human resource in any project. When others feel valued, they are more likely to bring their ‘A’ game consistently.

    Listening and empathy are both stepping stones to building a group into a community. There is a sense of connection and trustworthiness within the group, which leads to more team players. There is more comfort in risk-taking and more willingness to advance as a team than as an individual.

    John Maxwell puts it this way, “You’ve got to love your people more than your position.” That’s what the servant leader does by putting the needs of others before your own aspirations.

    This month, how will you serve as a leader?