Character in Business

A Business of Character follows a 3-step process to intentionally create a culture in which good character is valued, promoted, expected, and rewarded. Encompassing ethics, excellence, and caring, character becomes the foundation of the business and a platform for achieving company goals. Character is a competitive advantage!

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Strata Leadership Training

Since 2015, the Character Council is certified to present four “Strata Leadership” practical seminars, designed to empower your team to reach its goals. Strata Leadership is an international company based in Oklahoma City. Strata Leadership training is unique in that it gets to the root of behavior and issues by emphasizing both character and competency. This powerful combination leads to consistent leadership and positive results!

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Our Tried and True “Legacy” Seminars and Energizers

In addition, we continue to offer our tried and true “Legacy” seminars and Energizers, designed to encourage individuals in character and leadership development, and help business, education, government, and faith-based organizations facilitate positive cultural change.

  • Creating a Positive Culture
  • Impactful Leadership
  • Success through Integrity

For more detail or to schedule a seminar, please contact Mary Russell or email “mrussell” at “”.

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Free Monthly Bulletins

Each month, the Character Council offers a free email bulletin promoting one character quality. The bulletins contain inspiring stories and quotes, I will statements, and updates from the Council.

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Resources from Strata Leadership

Our partner, Strata Leadership offers excellent resources for enhancing workplace culture including a monthly magazine, videos, and posters. Click here to visit their site.

What Our Clients Are Saying

” Intentionally focusing on character traits monthly has brought an awareness to our associates in their daily interactions with clients and each other. It is becoming second nature – we spend time talking about character and how our actions impact others. – Theresa Clayton, VP/Human Resources, Director of Agency Operations, RiskSource Clark-Theders

“Employee turnover has gone from 150% to 35-50% and customer satisfaction has increased by 20 points since we started the Business of Character process. We have realized the vision and virtually all of our goals established nine years ago as a Business of Character. Character is the foundation of everything we do.” – Tom Gill, Tom Gill Chevrolet

“We have been involved with Character First since it first arrived on the Greater Cincinnati scene. We are a CPA Firm with fifteen people in our Covington office. Each month for the last eight to ten years, we have had a different team member present the Character trait of the month along with the tapes. Often times the Team members would come up with some type of game to further illustrate the trait of the month. I believe it has had a very positive impact.” – Jerry Bressler, Mountjoy Chilton Medley

“Hamilton Caster’s core values are Integrity, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Respect and Empowering People. Most of these speak to aspirational character traits as well. So it was a natural fit for Hamilton Caster to provide Character-based training to all its employees as a way to reinforce those things that we value in our culture. If you believe “culture eats strategy for lunch” then such a training investment will pay for itself many times over as we build and reinforce the positive character traits of our employees. We will be a stronger organization and a great place to work!” – Steve Lippert, Hamilton Caster

“Since the beginning, Mary Russell, Executive Director of the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky has exemplified what the Character Council stands for in our region. She leads by example, treats everyone with dignity and respect and practices many if not all of their 49 Character Qualities routinely. The West Chester ▪ Liberty Chamber Alliance is pleased to be the Character Council’s first Chamber of Character and we’re appreciative of the fine working relationship we have enjoyed with Mary.” – Joe Hinson, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance