What is a Virtual Event?

A Virtual Event is an event that you can attend from wherever is convenient for you – home, the office, a park – using a computer or mobile device, preferably one with a camera and microphone for the most interactive experience. The only difference between a live event and a virtual one is the venue!

How are ticket sales different with the Virtual Event?

One major difference this year is how tickets are being handled. We know that there will be more than one person watching from a household, so we’ve adjusted our format accordingly. Each $75 ‘ticket’ (Early Bird sale for $60/each until Sept. 9, 2020) will include up to four logins to the event dashboard, which is where the virtual event lives, and Swag for up to four people. The Swag will include a printed program, some branded merch from the Character Council, and some other pieces from sponsors. 

How will this year's event be different as a Virtual Event?

The Heroes of Character Celebration and 20th Anniversary of the Character Council will be different – but kind of the same! See below for some the things that will be different.

Venue: First, you’ll be attending from wherever you are, instead of a single place. The other part of this is that the event will ‘live’ on an online Dashboard. This is a page on our website that ticket purchasers will have access to that has links to all the different parts of the event: silent auction, basket raffle, Character Pledge, and of course the online live event! This will be hosted on Zoom Meetings, and instructions for download and login will be included in event instructions.

Event Check-In: At a typical live event, there is a check-in table where you get your name tag and table assignment. For a Virtual Event we will still have a check-in process, and it will be available a few days before the event to ensure that attendees can log in to the Dashboard, and that their Zoom settings are configured correctly to allow for maximum enjoyment of the event!

Auxiliary Fundraisers: This event is the annual fundraiser for the Character Council, and we will still have our Silent Auction and Basket Raffle, but these will be hosted online and links to these pieces will be available in the Dashboard.

Participation: We know that Virtual Events are sometimes just like watching a long movie – but that’s not what we’re going to do here! Included in the Swag will be some pieces that will help bring the Virtual Event into your physical space, 

Will there be a recording of the Virtual Event?

Yes, we will be recording the event and it will be made available to Heroes and Student Heroes of Character for posterity. In registering for the Heroes of Character Celebration and 20th Anniversary, you will be giving the Character Council permission to record you as part of the event.

How do I register for the Heroes of Character Celebration and 20th Anniversary of the Character Council?

With a normal live event, one ticket would equal one seat at a table. However, with a Virtual Event, the situation is a little different. We know that many of our attendees are families and would be watching the event from the same location. Realizing this, each ‘ticket’ includes up to four logins to the event, and a swag package designed to bring the Virtual Event into the physical space where attendees will be watching. Additional logins and swag packages are available for purchase for larger families/groups. We suggest having one computer or tablet with a camera/microphone logged in to watch the event, and have people login to the online Dashboard on their phones or other devices for best viewing experience.

We encourage all attendees to follow appropriate state guidelines for gathering when attending the Heroes of Character Celebration and 20th Anniversary of the Character Council. That is, after all, the reason we’re hosting this event online!


Logins/Price Normal Price Early Bird Price (Until Sept. 9, 2020)
1 $75 $60
2 $75 $60
3 $75 $60
4 $75 $60
5 $80 $65
6 $85 $70
7 $90 $75
8 $95 $80
What is the Event Dashboard?

The Event Dashboard is a webpage where the Virtual Event will ‘live’. This is where you’ll find the link to the live presentation, links for stories about the Heroes and Student Heroes of Character, link to the question submission form for our LIVE Q&A Panel during the event, links to the Silent Auction and Basket Raffles, and so much more! Clicking on different parts of the page and completing different tasks will earn each attendee points, and the person with the most points at the end of the night will win a special prize!

Private: Heroes of Character Celebration Admission

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