Character in Real Life - One-Minute Testimonials

CREATIVITY – A One-Minute Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Contributed by Trudy Pettibone
Bible Teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

February 12, 2002


Joseph (1910-1800 BC, approx.) was an Israelite sold into slavery in Egypt. He was a very creative person, with God’s help. When the Pharaoh had a dream about skinny cows eating fat cows and thin ears of grain consuming fat ears of grain, Joseph was able to translate this dream as being about seven years of famine, which would follow seven strong years. But Joseph not only interpreted the dream, he had ideas about how to prepare for the lean years. The Pharaoh made him second only to himself in the land. Joseph built storage cities. During the seven abundant years, he had all the excess grain brought into these cities. When the famine came, Joseph was in charge of distributing the grain to those who needed it. Joseph trusted God to help him do this. When his own family, some of whom had sold him, came to Egypt to get grain, Joseph was very creative in the ways he lovingly treated his family while providing for their needs. Joseph maintained God’s perspective throughout the whole situation. Not only was he able to feed Egypt, but because he did not act vengefully, was restored to his family and saw his father through his final years.

[Genesis 41-50]


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