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Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Contributed from Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations


In evangelistic work in Kentucky, we were using cards reading, “Get right with God,” and a group of newsboys attached them to their caps. One day I saw a strange bulldog come along and make friends with these boys.
Finally one lad ran to me asking for a card for the dog. He fastened it to the nameplate on the collar, which was in keeping with the large size of the dog.

Now we were interested in a certain man, and had him on our prayer lists, but had not been able to reach him. That night he came out to the meeting, and as soon as the invitation was given, rushed to the front, fell on his knees, and called upon God to save him. After a new light came on his face and a new song of joy from his lips, I sat by him and asked how it happened. Said he:

“I was not feeling well today, so remained at home from work. I was trying to get some sleep this afternoon, when I was startled by a fierce and prolonged barking at the rear of our house. I finally decided to go and see what it was all about.

“As I opened the rear door, in bounded a fierce, ugly-looking bulldog, entirely strange to our neighborhood. At first I was somewhat frightened by the beast, but soon discovered signs of friendliness coming in dog fashion from both ends of this disturber of my peace.

“So I sat down in a chair, and he immediately and very lovingly came and put his big head in my lap. There, staring me in the face, attached to his collar, was one of those ‘Get right with God’ cards. I there and then decided that if God was sufficiently interested in me to send that bulldog after me, I’d better give up; and here I am.”

—Sunday School Times

[Reproduced with permission from Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations, by Paul Lee Tan, Communications, Inc., Dallas, TX, 1998, #1848]

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