Humility strengthens:

  • Determination when I need to ask for help with a problem.
  • Cooperation when I think of others first.
  • Honesty by letting go of my ego I no longer need to lie or exaggerate to make myself look good.
  • Resilience by recognizing the people and factors that have shaped my life.
  • Thoroughness by realizing we are not above doing menial tasks that make our job more complete.
  • Gratefulness by recognizing the people that have helped me.
  • Patience by removing the focus from my own needs and seeing the bigger picture.

Humility is strengthened by using:

  • Honesty by realistically looking at how others have helped me.
  • Forgiveness by actively realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around me.
  • Discipline by using my self-control to focus on the good of the group and not just me.
  • Flexibility by keeping a good attitude about changes.

Humility is a lot like






Down to Earth