Determination strengthens:

  • Dependability by overcoming obstacles to keep your commitments.
  • Patience by helping to stay focused on working through a difficult situation.
  • Thoroughness by overcoming the challenges of working through details.
  • Diligence by helping to overcome distractions to focus.
  • Sincerity when it is difficult to do what is right.

Determination is strengthened by:

  • Flexibility by adjusting to changes in plans while keeping goals in sight.
  • Positivity by maintaining a good attitude when faced with difficulties in achieving goals.
  • Enthusiasm by staying excited about your goals.
  • Endurance by using your inner strength to withstand the stress of challenges to your goals.
  • Wisdom by using your past experiences to solve issues you are currently facing.
  • Humility when you need to ask for help with a problem.


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