Creativity is a lot like









Creativity strengthens:

  • Flexibility by gaining a new perspective, you can change more easily.
  • Endurance by providing a new perspective to use to withstand stress.
  • Dependability by providing new ways to fulfill commitments.
  • Determination with creative solutions to overcome obstacles.
  • Generosity by finding new ways to manage resources for giving to others.
  • Positivity by helping to find new solutions for maintaining a good attitude.
  • Decisiveness by giving multiple perspectives on a problem.

Creativity is strengthened by:

  • Tolerance which adds new perspectives to my views.
  • Patience by taking the time necessary to really think through a creative solution.
  • Forgiveness by releasing a grudge that can hold back finding new perspectives.
  • Enthusiasm by expressing excitement can get the creative juices flowing.
  • Diligence by focusing on a problem and seeing a creative solution.
  • Courage because sometimes new perspectives can be risky.


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