March Character All Month Long

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See for more information on these and other holidays to celebrate this month.

1 National Sportsmanship Day Today is National Sportsmanship Day. Sportsmanship encourages fair play, good etiquette, and good character. Being good at a sport isn’t the only important quality of an athlete — showing good sportsmanship is equally important.  #Teamwork  #Cooperation
1 World Compliment Day Celebrate World Compliment Day today by sharing heartfelt compliments with those around you.  Extra points if you are very #creative!  #Positivity
2 National Read Across America Day Celebrate #ReadAcrossAmerica Day today.  Do you know a reluctant reader? Check out this website for middle schoolers:  
4 March Forth Today is March Forth and Do Something Day.  What will you use your #Initiative on today?
7 Alexander Graham Bell Day Today is Alexander Graham Bell Day.  Our #KinderCharacterChallenge for this week is Call a Friend in honor of this day.  #Loyalty #Attentiveness
8 National Proofreading Day Today is National Proofreading Day.  Use your #Diligence to step up your Proofreading Skills.
9 National Get Over It Day Have a grudge you want to let go of?  Today is the day – National Get Over It Day.  #forgiveness
13 National Good Samaritan Day Today is National Good Samaritan Day.  What does being a Good Samaritan mean to you?  #Generosity  #Compassion #Kindness #Initiative  #Responsibility
17 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrate #StPatricksDay with our holiday activity appropriate for the family or the classroom.
18 Global Recycling Day Celebrate Global #Recycling Day by finding another item you can start recycling.  Consider picking an item you buy frequently and looking for a recycled version.  #Responsibility  #Flexibility  #Initiative
21 National Common Courtesy Day Make your mama proud and use your manners today on National Common Courtesy Day.  #Respect
26 Earth Hour #EarthHour is observed annually on the last Saturday in March. Turn off non-essential electric lights, for one hour, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m, as a symbol of commitment to the planet.  #Responsibility  #Flexibility
29 National Smoke and Mirrors Day Combat the deception of National Smoke and Mirrors Day with #trustworthiness #honesty and #sincerity.
31 National Crayon Day Did you know that crayons are recyclable?  Celebrate National #Crayon Day with suggestions on our website.  #Creativity