The Character Quality of Resilience is the most appropriate quality for this crisis. Without a crisis, there is no need for Resilience! During these unsettled times, there are no shortage of crises and the long duration has used up much of our Resilience. Finding ways to feed our Resilience is important.

Gratefulness can feed Resilience. By looking for and focusing on the good things that happen, no matter how small, can improve your outlook and attitude. I have a Gratitude Journal that I write three things every day (– most days) for which I am Grateful. I don’t limit it to things that happened that day. They can be general like large print books or sunshine or specific like an “I love you, Grammy.” How can you strengthen your Resilience with Gratefulness

Forgiveness can feed Resilience. How much energy is being used by holding grudges? Wouldn’t you like to use that energy for something else? I recently released a grudge that I didn’t even realize I had. My negative attitude influenced my interactions. When I released that resentment, I felt lighter. How can you strengthen your Resilience with Forgiveness?

Flexibility and Creativity can feed Resilience. Finding ways to do things differently and being open to the suggestions of others can make adapting to the new normal a little less painful. Think outside the box, be willing to learn something new, or be silly. I can’t get to the gym right now, so I have an after-dinner dance party of one and my computer mouse makes a great microphone! How can you strengthen your Resilience with Flexibility or Creativity?

During this crisis, find ways to feed your Resilience and encourage others to do the same.

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