The current COVID-19 crisis has humbled many of us.  Our wants and needs are being made secondary to the needs of the general population and for some it is eye-opening. I wore a homemade mask last week in public for the first time when I went to pick up a grocery order.  That was humbling. Having someone else pick out my fresh vegetables was humbling. My mother is in a nursing home.  Knowing that I can’t ‘fix’ the problems she faces from not having visitors or being allowed out of her room, is humbling.  Realizing that we are all vulnerable to this new disease, is humbling. Hearing the stories of fatigue and fear from medical personnel who aren’t letting this stop them from doing their job, is humbling.  Would I do that?

How we handle being quarantined is telling on the amount of Humility we possess.  Humility means that we think of others more than ourselves.  Using our humility to honor the stay at home and social distancing orders is just one example of thinking of others. How are we treating those with whom we are quarantined?  Keeping a positive attitude around those we live with is another way to practice Humility. Are we checking on older family members or neighbors during this time?  Offering to help with ordering groceries or just spending time on the phone with them is a way to think of others. Are we considerate in what we buy at the grocery store so as not to stockpile items others may need right now? Are we kind, patient, and grateful to those who are working to fill our orders?  If we are financially able, have we been generous with helping out those agencies that are helping the most vulnerable?

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