I have experienced more change in the last year of my life than at anytime I can remember. Besides the pandemic, I retired from my lifelong career about a year ago and from a part-time ministry at my church as the pandemic was rising. I went from looking forward to time at home and spending more time with my granddaughter, to only time at home and no time with the granddaughter. Big changes, sadness, and fear – that’s a lot of flexing. During this time, we are all being asked to flex more than ever before.

First, I need to recognize these feelings and acknowledge them. I need to find ways to express them rather suppress them. I have found reading posts on Facebook of others expressing the same thing, means I am not alone. Talks with family and friends and journaling have also helped and when the lump in my throat gets too big, I let the tears fall. I think of that as getting rid of the bad vibes and making room for new energy. How do you acknowledge your feelings?

The definition of Flexibility is “Adjusting to change with a good attitude”. So next are my adjustments. The first thing I adjusted was expectations. If you don’t expect it, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve adjusted to more digital delivery with Character Council materials I produce. I’ve created some different ways to interact with my granddaughter. Time will tell if those are memorable. How have you adjusted?

The last part of the definition is my attitude. Once you realize that attitude is choice, it’s much easier. With all of the things that I can’t control, my attitude is one that I can control. I choose to do those things that will keep me and others safe. I wear a mask. I stay home. I stay apart. I choose to do my part. I am using Gratefulness to notice all of the positives that are happening to bolster my attitude. What attitude are you choosing?

During this crisis, use acknowledgment, adjustment, and attitude to flex your Flexibility.

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