It would be easy to blame the current crisis for not being able to follow through on a promise. But is it right? Now, more than ever, we need to be Dependable and live up to our responsibilities. Being Dependable means keeping our commitments even when it’s difficult and right now, it’s very difficult.

If you are currently working, I’m sure the landscape of your job has been affected by COVID in some way. It may take more effort to accomplish the same things. There may be more distractions, additional responsibilities (with no more time to do them!), or alternate approaches. Staying focused on commitments can help us overcome these obstacles.

Interactions with family have been affected. The current racial and political tensions, the economic issues, and the health concerns related to COVID have all of us on edge. We need to aware of this in our relationships and continue being Dependable family members as much as we can. We may also need to cover for others who are struggling more than we are. If others are grouchy, we need to be a little more forgiving and to be a little more alert to make sure that they are not slipping into depression.

Our recreation during this time surely looks different or is absent. Canceled vacations and less time for relaxation during a time when there is an increased need for it is not a good combination. The people who depend on you are counting on you finding a way to manage the stress. Perhaps a return to the basics will help: getting adequate rest, nutritious food, and energizing exercise.

During this crisis, no matter what our commitments are, we need to be willing to find new and different ways to honor them when life is difficult.

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