As we enter this COVID-19 crisis and children are at home, we created a Facebook group featuring a program to help bring the character education that children receive at school to the home! We know that parents can be overwhelmed right now with the balancing act that life has become, we wanted to do what we can to help. As we say with our Educator training, character is not one more thing on the plate, it IS the plate. When good character is intentional, disciplinary issues and distractions fall away and more learning and better living happen!

This is a Social Learning Group, which means that there are Units that Members can complete to learn the process for becoming a Character Centered Family. One of the unique aspects of this resource is that we do not tell you which values to focus on – rather, we offer a framework into which the qualities you feel most applicable can fit to grow and strengthen the family bond, and promote good character in the home.

Some of the topics available:

  • Choosing Your Family’s Core Values
  • Writing a Family Touchstone
  • Teaching Character in the Home (coming soon)
  • Correcting with Character (coming soon)
  • Praising and Encouraging with Character (coming soon)

We plan to continue to update this resource and hope that these courses will spark meaningful discussion among members and make all of our lives a little easier during this time of crisis.