So many are concerned about the level of divisiveness in our country.  Studies show that civility, kindness, and respect are on the decline.  Most of us want to experience more harmony in the workplace and with our families and friends, but where does one start?  The problems feel immense and out of control.  

The answer is “It starts with me.”  How can each of us contribute to a more civil and unified society?  It begins with each of us as individuals.  When we show respect, kindness, and compassion, we cultivate those same qualities in others.  When we remain curious, keep asking questions, and stay out of judgment, we engage in healthy dialogue.  Mahatma Gandhi said it best, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  

We invite you on our journey to change the world – one person, one community, one positive quality at a time.  Over the course of this year, as we explore one character quality each month, join us in developing more initiative, compassion, patience, and nine other positive qualities.  Grow in each character quality by checking your mindset, elevating your words, and building excellence in your actions.  This, in turn, will positively impact the world around you.  

The need for high character has never been greater. Join us to change the world! 

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