Dot to Dot

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Team Building

You will need adhesive dots in different colors. Stick a dot on the forehead of each person but do not let them see what color they have. Have them put their head down on the table/desk on their hands so that no one else sees it right away either. Once the dots go on, no one can speak. When all have dots, explain that the object of the game is for all those with the same dot color to form a group. They can point to others and let them know that their colors match. They can stand next to someone else and point to their forehead and have another confirm, non-verbally, that the colors are the same or not.

When all of the color groups are assembled, process the activity with these or similar questions:

  • Did you think it was going to be difficult to do when it was explained?
  • Do you think it was as hard as you thought or easier?
  • When you were focused on the dot color, did you notice any differences between each other?
  • When you focus on similarities do you think other differences fade?