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Patience – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by Lisa Zimmermann
Homemaker, Cincinnati, Ohio

August 1, 2001


Through the ages infertile women across all cultures have shared the ache of unfulfilled longing. The devastation of a barren womb is much the same today as it was in Biblical times. When faced with such a difficult challenge, a woman’s character is revealed in her response. Some struggle, living a life of bitter frustration, while others choose the discipline of patience.

Hannah, a young Jewess of the Old Testament (about 1106 BC) faced the heartbreak of barrenness not unlike women of today. Hannah wept and refused to eat as she was consumed with grief and misery. She was so distressed that Eli the priest mistook her for a drunken woman as she prayed outside the temple. She poured out her heart to the Lord and vowed to give Him her child if He would grant her request. After her earnest prayer, she ate and returned home in peace.

After her earlier, long, bitter struggle, Hannah had now chosen patience. Her renewed mind and resolve to wait patiently gave her peace and lifted her spirits. Soon after, she bore a son whom she named Samuel and fulfilled her vow to the Lord. Later she was blessed with three more sons and two daughters.

[I Samuel 1:1-2:21]



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