Kinder Character Challenge – Buy Candy for Store Clerk

by | Feb 18, 2024 | Kinder Character Challenge | 0 comments

“Surprise is the greatest gift

which life can grant us.”

Boris Pasternak

Starting Sunday, February 18, 2024

Kinder Character Challenge​: Buy Candy for a Store Clerk

When I am checking out at the grocery, I pretend to be unable to decide which candy bar to buy. I ask the store clerk what their favorite is and buy that. Then, at the end, I give it to them and say thanks for coming to work today. If you are concerned about diet restrictions or allergies, purchase some bulk motivational stickers like those that can go on laptops or water bottles. Keep a stash in the car and grab one before you go in. There are many ways to perform this challenge. Let your creative side lead and let someone know they are appreciated.

On the Inspired by Savannah Blog, she mentions, When you give someone a present on an occasion, there is always an underlying sense of duty, as it is expected of you on that particular occasion. That is what makes spontaneous gifting much more special, and meaningful.”