‘Whine’ Tasting

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Faith Activity

Using your wine glasses, prepare two drinks. In one you will have lemonade. In the other, just lemon juice. Allow the family to taste each one. Caution them to just take a taste. Obviously, they will prefer the lemonade over the straight lemon juice. Explain that when we are negative and whining, we are being like the lemon juice. Not many people will want to be around a whiner. If we are positive and enthusiastic, we will attract more people. Paul tells us in his letter to the Philippians that we should rejoice in the Lord always. (Philippians 4:4) As believers, we want others to see our enthusiasm for our life of faith.


To process the activity, ask these or similar questions:
  • Did whine tasting sound like something fun?
  • Did you expect the lemon juice to be that sour?
  • Have you ever heard of a sourpuss? (Somebody who is negative and whiney)
  • Would you rather be like the sweet lemonade or the sour lemon juice?