Humility Course

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Faith Activity

Set up a Humility (obstacle) course using clothes or towels. You can pile them or just lay them flat so that participants are just instructed to walk around them. Blindfold each family member and take turns giving them instructions on how to navigate the obstacle course. Change the course each time, after the participant is blindfolded.

After everyone has had a chance in the Humility Course, discuss how humble people know that they need others in their life People who are too prideful do not realize this and sometimes don’t listen when they need to. If you were prideful and didn’t listen, it could have resulted in a fail (stepping on clothes). That’s what is meant by Pride comes before a fall.

Pride is thinking too highly of ourselves that we do not even recognize ourselves as sinners. God will cause those who are not humble to be “brought low”. Isaiah tells us “The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.” (Isaiah 2:17) If we humbly follow God’s ways, He promises that we will be rewarded in heaven.


To process the activity, ask these or similar questions:
  • Did you think this was going to be difficult?
  • Did listening to family members help you to make you successful?
  • Did anyone thank those who helped them complete the course?
  • Do you think that in our everyday life we have “blinders” on and miss seeing how others help us?
  • Do you think this activity will help you to remember to recognize and appreciate others?