Fake or For Real

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Faith Activity

You will need several pairs of items that look alike but are different. Examples: two containers of “sugar,” where one is salt; two “diamond” rings, where one is a fake; two capped containers of “water,” where one contains white vinegar. Show the items and have the family members guess which one is fake and which one is for real. Ask if they have any other pairs of items that could be compared like this. Discuss how being sincere is being the real you and how it means being true to your values in what you say and do. As a Christian, this means being true to the faith you profess in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Process the activity with these or similar questions:

Was it difficult to tell things apart?
The next time you see sugar will you test to see if it is really salt?
Have you ever seen somebody act differently than you expected?
Have you ever acted differently than a teacher, a parent or God expected you to act?
How does it feel when you act out wrongly?
Will you think of these pairs the next time you are tempted to act out?

A few alternate ways to do this exercise would be to put salt in a sugar bowl, or vinegar in a water bottle to show that they are not what you expected it to be.