Cooperation In Faith

vs. antagonism

Understanding others to effectively work with them

To practice Cooperation I will:

  • find a way to help
  • genuinely listen to others’ opinions and needs
  • respect the decisions of my authorities
  • pull my share of the load
  • see the needs of other as quickly as I see my own

    “The Cooperative Body of Christ”

    The church is the Body of Christ. As a part of this body, we need to work together and cooperate with the other members. Who are the other members? They go beyond our family and even our church. We are all members of the body. We are called to live our baptismal ministry within our families and the greater community. Serving each other is how we cooperate to serve God.

    Being a part of a faith family is an important part of who God wants us to be. When we come together to worship, we cooperate with each other to create a wonderful worship experience. We each have a role to play when we come to church. Singing, praying, and listening together creates a unified worship experience. Whether we are serving each other by volunteering for ministerial roles within the service or being an active dependable participant, we are part of the cooperative effort to praise God together.

    This month, how will you Cooperate with the mission of the Church?

    Archived Bulletins on  Cooperation: