Southeast Indiana Community of Character

The Ohio River is at the heart of our community.  From the East Side through downtown Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to Lawrenceburg and Aurora, the river is the reason these cities were founded.  While so much in the Ohio River Valley has changed, the river remains, winding through our region, providing tourism, commercial traffic, and wonderful vistas.  This great river binds us.  

Character is like the river.  Character binds us.  While so many issues threaten to divide us, our character – our humanity – is what we share.  It is the determination that overcomes adversity, the compassion that enters when all feels lost.  When we remove the barriers that threaten to divide us, our character remains — ever present, at the core of who we are, and beautifully diverse — just like the grand Ohio River.  

Next Meeting: February 1, 2019, 1:00 PM

Ewbank Room, Lawrenceburg Public Library District, 150 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg IN 47025

Agenda: (to be posted)

Minutes from our last meetings:

January 5, 2019




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