Character in Real Life - One-Minute Testimonials

DILIGENCE – A One-Minute Testimonial

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


By Rev. Phil and Donna Resnick
Social Studies Teacher, Cincinnati Christian Schools, Fairfield, OH


Nehemiah lived in the 5th century BC, when Judah was captive in Babylon. He rose to a lofty position of trust, as the Cupbearer to the King, due to his diligent service.

One day, he received a sad report concerning the Jewish remnant in Jerusalem. The walls of the city had been broken down and the gates burned. The remnant was living in disgrace and great trouble. Nehemiah was saddened and prayed to the Lord, asking for favor.
The king noticed Nehemiah’s sorrow, and once he understood the reason for it, he sent Nehemiah back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city.
The way Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem tells us much about his diligence. He began with a thorough personal inspection of the city walls and gates, and continued by enlisting workers to his plan. Then, throughout the long months of rebuilding, his diligence overcame the obstacles of ridicule and distraction, and constant threats from his enemies. Despite everything, he stayed with the great project until he had finished it, and had removed Israel’s disgrace.

The enemies of good are ever a determined lot. Through Nehemiah we see how the diligent overcome.
[Nehemiah 1-6]


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