Character in Real Life - One-Minute Testimonials

TOLERANCE –A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by Trudy Pettibone
Bible Teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

March 11, 2002


The apostle Paul was like a traveling preacher, who had to travel to many churches . Some of these churches were made up of people who were brand new believers in Jesus. Many of the people Paul had to lead had been involved in worshipping idols. They engaged in eating food sacrificed to the idols, and other things that Jesus would not like. Paul was very tolerant of these people. He knew that they did not always do the right thing. He wanted to help them learn to do the right things all the time. Sometimes they did not like the things Paul taught them, but Paul knew he had to please Jesus rather than these new believers. Paul reminded the people that he had done bad things before he believed in Jesus. Jesus had helped him change and could help all the people change. Paul sometimes got discouraged by the way the people acted. Sometimes his life was even put in danger. This did not stop him from continuing to try to teach the people in all his churches how they could live for God. God blessed Paul for being tolerant by protecting him, helping him teach the people, and letting him see people grow.


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