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Contributed from Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations


He was only twenty-three years old when a Gloucester youth saw this advertisement in a Boston newspaper: “Wanted, young man as an understudy to a financial statistician. PO Box 1720.”

He answered the advertisement, according to an item in the Red Barrel, but received no reply. He wrote again-no reply. A third time-no reply. Then he went to the Boston post office and asked the name of the holder of Box 1720. The clerk refused to give it. He saw the postmaster. He, too, refused; it was against the rules.

Early one morning an idea came to the young man. He rose early, hurriedly prepared his own breakfast, took the first train to Boston, went to the post office, and stood sentinel near Box 1720.

After a long interval, a man appeared, opened Box 1720, and took out the mail. The young man trailed him to his destination, which was the office of a stock brokerage firm. The young man entered and asked for the manager.

The youth told the manager how he had applied for the position of understudy to a statistician-that he had written three times without receiving any response, and had been refused the boxholder’s name at the post office.

“But,” queried the manager, “how did you find out that I was the advertiser?”

“I stood in the lobby of the post office for several hours, watching Box 1720,” answered the young man. When a man came in and took the mail from the box, I followed him here.”

The manager said, “Young man, you are just the kind of persistent fellow I want. You are employed!”

– Sunshine Magazine

[Reproduced with permission from Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations, by Paul Lee Tan, Bible Communications, Inc., Dallas, TX, 1998, #14999]



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