Character in Real Life - One-Minute Testimonials

Initiative – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement


Contributed by Pam Elcik
Community Leader, Fairfield, OH

September 4, 2001


George Washing Carver, an Afro-American scientist who won international fame for his agricultural research, was a man who took initiative to heart. He demonstrated initiative by taking action in both thought and deed. George was born into a slave family. Orphaned early in his life, he was set free as a slave and raised by the Carver family, who supported his desire to learn. George learned to read and write, something most Afro-American men at that time could not do. He exemplified initiative as he continued to work odd jobs for years to support his studying, until he earned a master’s degree from college. His keen interest in plants took him into agriculture where he invented over 300 products using peanuts, some of which included face powder, milk substitute, soap, and printer’s ink.

The initiative that Dr. Carver took to pursue these activities against the culture of the country at that time is remarkable. He spent many years working to improve both the quality of life for his race, as well as race relations in our nation. Dr. Carver was a man of initiative, who blessed many by his contributions and inspired many by his example.


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