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INITIATIVE – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by B. E. Tumbleson
Librarian, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Cincinnati, OH

September 11, 2001


German-born George Muller, 1805-1898, made his home in England. He first displayed initiative in establishing the Scriptural Knowledge Institute. Originally its goals were to found schools on scriptural principles, to provide an education for destitute children, to distribute the Bible, and to support missionaries. Indeed, Hudson Taylor’s China Inland Mission received its initial financial support almost entirely through Muller. Later he added a fifth aim: to care for needy orphans. Muller demonstrated initiative in reaching out to the poor, so well described in Charles Dickens’s novels of 19th century England. Muller established orphanages in Bristol, England in which 8,000 destitute children were well fed, educated, given work, and trained to pray and worship daily. All this was accomplished through his initiative, faith, and much prayer. Funding needs were never publicized, rather he prayed and trusted God to provide. Then at 70 Muller demonstrated initiative once again when he began traveling throughout the world, preaching and conducting Bible-teaching missions in 42 countries during his last 17 years. Muller observed and addressed the needs of his time. He was committed to education, evangelism, social action, and world missions and took initiative to do God’s work in the world.

[Adapted from Great Leaders of the Christian Church, edited by John D. Woodbridge, Moody Press, Chicago 1988, pp. 320-324.]



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