Patience Quotes

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“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

– Napoleon Hill

“There are three secrets to managing. The first secret is have patience. The second is be patient. And the third most important secret is patience.”

– Chuck Tanner

“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”

– Moliere

“If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.”

– Isaac Newton

“Be patient. Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.”

– Kahlil Gibran

“He that can have patience, can have what he will.”

– Ben Franklin

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

– A. Milne

“The true secret in being a hero lies in knowing the order of things…Things must happen when it is time for them to happen.”

– Peter S. Beagle

“Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious.”

– Phillips Brooks

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”

– Edmund Burke

“Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.”

– Heraclitus

“Obstacles, of course, are developmentally necessary: they teach kids strategy, patience, critical thinking, resilience and resourcefulness.”

– Naomi Wolf

“It is easy finding reasons why other people should be patient.”

– George Eliot

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg – not by smashing it.”

– Arnold Glasow

“Order marches with weighty and measured strides. Disorder is always in a hurry.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

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