Diligence In School

vs. laziness

Focusing my effort on the work at hand

To practice Diligence I will:

  • concentrate on my work
  • follow instructions
  • do a job right
  • finish my projects
  • not be lazy

There are a lot of distractions in a classroom that can disturb the focus of diligence. Besides the everyday noises from other students in the room and whatever is going on in the hallways or out the window, there are the distractions that each student carries with them. Add fatigue from not enough sleep, hunger from not eating or not eating well, stress from a family situation, and peer pressure and it’s a wonder that kids can concentrate at all.

Making the classroom a safe haven from all the other stresses in life will improve classroom performance and behavior. It will be a place kids can’t wait to get to in the morning. Building the class into a community that cares for one another will allow diligence to bloom and learning to take center stage.

This month, create an environment where Diligence can thrive.