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DECISIVENESS – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by Pam Elcik
Community Leader, Fairfield, OH


February 20, 2001

Increase Corporate Decisiveness

Performance Driver stands out as having great effect on business success and profitability. It directly influences traits such as Assertiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Morale, and Psychological Age. Indirectly it affects factors like Quality, Recruitment, Training, Vision, Zeal.

What is this performance enhancer? It is Decisiveness – wise, prompt, resolute decision-making. Study it and you will find that there is a direct, positive relationship between speed, importance, quality, commitment and the performance and success of organizations. Faster, quality decisions are related to increased performance. The more important the decisions made, the more impact on the performance and success of the organization. The greater the commitment to implementation, the greater the overall success.

When an organization is small, the decisiveness of the Director or CEO can be that of the organization. But as it grows, that is no longer enough. Beyond a certain size, no matter how decisive the Director or CEO, a strong positive relationship with performance does not result unless the management team is making these decisions and commitments decisively. Decisiveness is the surest way to improved performance. Of all the improvement programs, it is the fastest and most reliable, and it delivers the greatest results.

Do it!


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