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NON-DECISIVENESS – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by John F. Pierce
Character Council Faith Committee Chairman, Cincinnati, OH

February 24, 2001

Eli – An Example of Indecisiveness

Eli, Israel’s high priest and judge (1050 BC), incurred God’s judgment and caused painful consequences by indecisiveness in restraining his sons. Hophni and Phinehas were wicked priests with no regard for the Lord. They took their portions before offering temple sacrifices to the Lord; their sleeping with women was well known. They were so immoral people refused to attend services.

Eli lacked decisiveness: he didn’t address them with resolve, immediacy and wisdom. For knowing about their sins and not restraining them, the Lord brought judgment upon Eli: the priesthood dynasty would be removed from his family line, both sons would die the same day, and all his descendants would die in the prime of life.

Eli’s indecisiveness had other painful effects. It hurt his sons critically by not inhibiting their blaspheming of God and immoral living. These encouraged the people to sin by not participating in temple services, greatly diminishing the Lord’s power in their midst and impoverishing their spiritual life. Lack of His power then enabled Philestines to kill 34,000 Isrealite soldiers and Eli’s sons, and capture the Ark of the Covenant. This news then killed Eli.

The indecisiveness of just one man brought great pain and loss to many! [I Samuel 2:12 – 4:22]



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