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An important means of encouraging the practice of good character is through testimonials of real people and real ministries in real life.

Journals describe for each "Ministry of Character" their monthly experiences in encouraging the practice of the monthly character qualities in their ministry and the community. These can range from experience with particular activities designed to encourage individuals or groups, to observations concerning outcomes and benefits being observed in the life of the ministry or specific groups, to testimonies of individual members, and to other experiences.

"Other Testimonies" pertain to real individuals and real situations received from other sources which do not fit into the "1-Minute Testimonials" of one of the specific 49 character qualities .


(c) = Journal of Congregation

[m] = member

(s) = Journal of Faith-Based School

[s] = students

(o) = Journal of Other Faith-Based Ministry

(t) = (Other Testimony)







Anchor Baptist Church

Houston - TX

Southern Baptist

125 [m]


Fellowship Baptist Church

Panama City - FL


125 [m]


Grace Christian Fellowship



40 [m]


Immanuel United Methodist Ch

Lakeside Park - KY


1,200 [m]


Mt. Washington Baptist Church

Mt. Washington-Cinci

American Baptist

400 [m]


New Life Temple Church

Madisonville -Cinci


650 [m]


St. Antoninus Parish

Western Hills - Cinci

Roman Catholic

3,000 [m]


St. Antoninus Parochial School

Western Hills - Cinci

Roman Catholic


This material is published by the Faith Committee of the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Reproduction and Adaptation is encouraged.